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July, 2015:

Hi world from our son


Hi world, my parent gave me a name, Aidan Shifanan Asmoro. Aidan means little fire, courage. It is a Scottish name, a land where I took my first breath. Shifanan means curing or healing. It is an Arabic name reflecting my bond to the universality of Islam. Asmoro is my father’s name, a Javanese name meaning love. Wherever I live, I must bring my own character and attitude from where my blood is originally from.

Aidan Shifanan Asmoro, courage for curing and healing using my own character and love. Name is a hope (and a prayer) of a parent, and ASA means hope in Bahasa Indonesia as Indonesia is my forever homeland. May Allah SWT always guide me in this world, Amin.

Aberdeen, 1 July 2015 at 10.41 BST.

Weight 3,340 gr, Height 53 Cm.